Curious Friday On Saturday: Just Keep Blowing Bubbles


Well it’s my 300th post, in the beginning, a little more than 2 years ago I would never have thought that I would do that many. I had once before posted some of my writings on another blog space, it just sort out there, somewhere. Yet at Word Press I have met some very interesting people who have very interesting life’s and are willing to share it. I have been to places I will never get to visit. Been given ideas and thoughts that I never would have thought of on my own.

So thank you, to all of you who have visited my blog, with likes and comments. I’m sorry for being really bad at replying, but life for me is one on the fly, with work and many volunteer commitments. So the time I do have I spend trying to keep up with all of you that I do follow which is about 600, all of your interesting thoughts, pictures and some humor along the way.

So I’ll just keep blowing bubbles, (do more posts that strike my fancy and hopefully you might find interesting,) like my friend the spittle bug. I have always been curious about how they make so many bubbles? How in their evolutionary history did one of these fellows think to blow bubbles as a means of hiding while it went about having a meal and why other spittle bugs figure it might be a good idea?


19 thoughts on “Curious Friday On Saturday: Just Keep Blowing Bubbles

  1. Thanks for the photos on the spittle bug, which I’ve never even heard of. Congrats on your 300th post! I might make 100…one day. Even on WordPress, I’m more slow-media than most. Cheers. And keep it up.

  2. Hi anti! Your photo brings back memories of Indiana…we used to call something similar…snake spit. Made it seem so much more exciting in our minds. Thanks!

  3. This is a little gross. We have a pretty rosemary right outside our back door, and I love to rub my hands through it whenever I walk by, and half the time I end up with spittle bug juice on me. Meh.

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