15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pollen coated

    1. Hi Judy, This Rose of Sharon ‘Aphrodite’ isn’t mine (too much shade at home) but a customers’. It was fun to watch and happy to have captured the picture too. Thanks for the comments and I did also get comments from the others you shared with. I would have thought to look in my spam folder. Glad I did for there 3 that were honest to goodness comments

  1. This is amazing! It brings to life what is only blandly described with words in science books . I have found that I learn more about gardening and nature from photos in blogs like “Frugal Little Bungalow” and “New England Garden and Thread” than any school book I ever read!
    And, your “busy little bee” photo is among the best of any I’ve ever seen!

  2. Beautiful! Judy from NE Garden and Thread sent me over to see — wow! Glad I stopped by! As an FYI — check your SPAM as another Grandma tried to leave you a comment and it disappeared.

  3. LOVE! We are seriously missing the honey bees here. Only bumbles for pollination, so the maters did well. I had to hand-germ my melons and cukes. No busy bees around. 😦

  4. I really like that bee. And thanks. You have just set me off on a new post about last summer when all the bees in my garden died. I’ll put it up in a day or two. One thing I love about blogging the chance of bouncing off someone else. I guess the word is ‘community’.

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