Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue Lost


Billions of voices
Cries out for a dialogue
Lost in the sound of machines
What to you is just trees and bugs
Is home to us


One species hears its’ own dialogue
As it re-creates nature in its’ own view
Repeated endlessly
We never take the time to hear, all the others’ dialogues


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue Lost

  1. So true – so sad. But even as much as we see here in our state, I can tell you coming from the Midwest it is total destruction there. There is hardly a speck of land without a subdivision or a strip mall on it. Maybe that’s why millions of tourists flock here to see our trees?

    1. I am sure you are right about the midwest, I saw the same in the southwest, but sadly it is happening here in NH new development springing up everywhere, thanks for you comment

  2. Oh so sad. I see too much of this going on where I am. Development for development’s sake … and much of it with no redeeming aesthetic value. I’m a horse woman, and every time I see another farm go to development it makes me mad. … Still … I love the colours in your autumn photo. … Great, if sad, interpretation of theme.

    1. I agree, farmland soils is such valuable resource and to see it disappear for a sub-division of new houses or a new shopping plaza place on that land makes you want to cry. It is lost for ever, yet we see downtown buildings empty, an abandoning of older structures for the new the spreading of us at the lost of habitat for other species. Thanks for the comments

  3. I have stood and held trees against the winds, have fought the powers to be to keep them from being chopped down.
    With each one I cried for what was done to it.
    Without trees and the wild things, we are meaningless.

  4. An interesting dialogue as well between your photos and Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi.”. I have to think she’d approve of your own well-crafted message.

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