Curious Friday: A Gathering?


It is on those rare occasions
When you come upon something unusual
A gathering of ducks
On the side of the road
Why were they there?
What were they discussing?
Pleasure to see
Thankful they didn’t mind
While I got out my camera
And capture the scene

8 thoughts on “Curious Friday: A Gathering?

  1. Perhaps they were having a conversation that goes something like this:
    “I thought you said we would come to a nice, cool pond if we came this way. This isn’t a pond–it’s cement and hot asphalt. Now what? I’m not walking across the road just to get to the other side. I’m not a chicken.”
    “Well, I guess we have to turn around and go back. I think the pond might be in the opposite direction.”
    “Oh no! Did you see that? Someone just took a picture of us standing here like a bunch of turkey vultures waiting for something to die. I hope this doesn’t end up on the internet.”

      1. Could be that I’m just a crazy person who thinks ducks, geese, chickens, and birds are having conversations with each other (and/or with me).
        Over the past 2 years, I wrote a couple of posts that have talking birds—“Duck Quack Reprimand,” “Honking Attitude,” “Peep of Pali Ridge,” and ” “Worried Birds, Winter Weather.”
        So you see, this is not the first time I’ve heard my feathered friends talking…..:)

      2. I know you are not alone, if fact I have been known to use my absurd person voice when translating sea gull talk. Thanks and always be willing to talk bird talk or anything else for it is always pleasure and I do enjoy your blog

  2. the guys are waiting for their mates, then they’re all off down the pub; and the ladies are going dancing 🙂

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