A Pacifist in a World of Wars


Fireworks explode
Cheers are elated
In celebration of the winning
Over the defeat of other side

History is written by the few
And the horror of memories
By those that lived it
Slowly fade away

Each generation
Answering call
To God, Duty and Country

Righteousness over the others’ wrong
The good versus the evil
Time and time again

The storm clouds of war gather
Always on the move
Forever covering over the earth

When will you take a stand?
Over the woven injustices
That is fabric in so many lives

When will you take up arms
And join in the fight?
Will it be when it the “War to End All Wars”?
And we are no more?

My words are not meant to offend anyone
It is the struggle I have within my head

From the moment I was born until today, there has been some war going on somewhere in the world
Never a day, never a year of peace the world over.

Thoughts spurred on By the “Artists 4 Peace” I have seen in blogs and the sad events of everyday


15 thoughts on “A Pacifist in a World of Wars

  1. Self defence is not opposed to pacifism; if your baby was being murdered, would you just stand by and do nothing?

    1. Genie, I will agree. It is a struggle of what one would do, when and why. Could I kill someone to protect my own? I would think I could and i know many are faced with that everyday.. But humans are defined by war and violence, it is our history and that is what saddens me. That we may never be able move past that.

      1. The massacre in Gaza would not be happening had the zionists listened to George Gallowy:
        George Galloway explaining to a Jew that they have no right in Palesitine

    2. This is the strawman that one always encounters every time a Christian speaks up against war. As with the poet, I have seen wars throughout my life with Christians picking up their swords and marching off to kill the enemy (In WWI, it was to kill fellow Christians). But I have never encountered the homicidal maniac attempting to kill my family nor do I know anyone who has–this is does not deny some rare occasions but it puts in perspective this objection which is used as a smokescreen to cover up the question about Christians and war. http://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com/

    1. Yoshiko, I really don’t know. What would it take to end all wars? Will there ever be a time when one isn’t trying to harm or control another? I don’t have answers these and other questions about humans and what we do to ourselves and all the other living things around us.

  2. we are lucky to live as and where we do, in our countries, at this time. Other countries are still in the stages of fighting for their freedoms. I am glad that I live in a country which cares enough about these other countries to go help them, and fight, often losing their own lives, to protect them.

    1. I will agree with you. It is sometimes we glorify violence, as such as we are blessed to live in place where ours’ and our love ones are not everyday physically or emotionally threaten as a part of live. But it is hard not to see it in movies, video games or always on the TV as news or entertainment. I wish we had the power to change that, to be a non-violence species. I can hope

      1. I understand what you mean 🙂 but I don’t think we would survive as a species; maybe I don’t have as much faith as you; all the best 🙂

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