Curious Friday: Hopeless Self

We stopped off for dinner on our way home after work the other night. We shared a sandwich and some Sun Chips when I came upon this “Smiley” one below.


I saved it and brought it home to take a picture(s) of it.

Now I am curious as to why I did this and to the idea that I would even think to post something this stupid,
but as you can see I did.

Thinking about it I’m pretty sure if we happen upon each other on the street, you most likely would see me and cross the street and just say he belongs to a different blogger-sphere.

I realize I have a problem and will try to fix with the remainder of this life, going into the next.

Thanks for your understanding

After doing all this, at least I can say I ate the God…. thing

17 thoughts on “Curious Friday: Hopeless Self

  1. You made me a smile and laugh. Thank you for that. And, I wouldn’t cross the street, I’d ask if you had time for a coffee because you find life interesting and I’m positive we’d have a great conversation about a zillion things. 🙂 Happy 4th.

  2. Hey. It’s noticing something out of the ordinary in our every day lives– a shape of a ship in the clouds, a futuristic defense station out of a WiFi transmitter, or even a face on a sun chip– which makes it a cool experience… and even enhances the imagination to make more out of it. At times it works for me. Peace.

    1. Thanks, given all that I can have and can’t. I will take silly pleasures when I can. I feel more sorry for my wife, who has chosen to live with me by choice. Thanks

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