Dirty Hands and The Clean Pretty Towels


As I toil in the soil
My client makes a gracious offer
With a place to refresh
I try to decline
But my client won’t take no for an answer
Looking down at myself
I have to wonder
Does my client see what I see?
As bits and pieces drop with each forward step
The “Pigpen Effect” of leaving a trail of my work behind


Inside a closed door
One tries to one’s best not touch anything
With grungy hands
And even some life unseen
To rub and to scrub
Afraid to touch the fancy soaps
That nicely line the counter


When done, as best one can
I look over at the clean pretty towels
That hang from The rack

Smith Bathroom Bucks, photographer Jamie Mason

Given the choice
I know better
I wipe my hands on my pants
Take my leave
And thank my client

The End

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