The glory of life
In unspoken terms
Energy spent, wonders unfold


Unmoving, yet searching for partners
Its’ nature a color, a scent
Offering a sweetness of life


In return, one’s life may continue
With the seeds on the move
Then are bedded to the earth


A cycle unbroken
With subtle changes within
Adapted with it chance of movement
To where it had not been before


14 thoughts on “Entice

  1. Your pictures are colorful. My favorite is #4, the sprouts.
    And now a story. I look at my metrics and often derive inspiration from them. The other day, you swung by and liked only one post, which is unusual. So much so it reminded me of the movie “The Hunt for Red October.” That one is for you. Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers!

    1. Hi, I thank you for thinking of me in a post that you done and I want thank you so much for all that you have shared.
      My music library is ever expanding thanks to you.
      New sounds keep filling my head, as this old guy dances his way thru his day, thanks

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