Curious Friday: Pink Stone Church


In the beginning of the year we went to AZ to visit kids and they wanted us to see the Grand Canyon. We spent the night in Flagstaff and the next morning we drove around the town to see what it looked like. Being a passenger in car gave me the opportunity to do some drive-by picture taking. I caught this image of a stone church made with pink stone. I am curious where that stone came from, was it local or did it come from afar?

Maybe someday I’ll find out and maybe go back there to walk thru town and see the sights. I also have come to realize that there is some fascinating stuff close to home, when I take the time to look and maybe they’ll show up here. Details always hiding in plain sight.

8 thoughts on “Curious Friday: Pink Stone Church

  1. Claiming no authority or native status, pink or reddish flagstone comes from the Flagstaff area. However, this doesn’t look like flagstone, but may be a variation of it or the quarrying technique.

    1. Do they really here pink flagstone out there it was pretty striking that the photo didn’t do it justice. Thanks for the comments. And I do enjoy your posts, you dealing with such a different environment from here in the east.

    1. I liked downtown Flagstaff would have liked more time there, but thought it funny how the outer portions of the city could have been anywhere even here in NH just malls and businesses Thanks for the comments

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