Curious Friday: Re-purposing

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I’m always looking for things in nature that might be of interest to young ones when I do presentations. I had collected this bird nest last fall that fallen to the ground and put in my garage to store. I found this nest very interesting in the materials used and how it was woven.

Well as you can see I had a family of field mice who like my garage as their winter home and saw the nest and thought it would be ideal winter den, after some improvements. With little strands of items on hand they did a nice job of it.

So now that it has been re-purposed and no longer in use I might try to keep it for I pretty sure kids might enjoy seeing it.

3 thoughts on “Curious Friday: Re-purposing

  1. I find deserted nest frequently. along with things like my hair when I clean my brush, I put the materials out to be reused. I’ll disassemble and put out the materials. Some creature or creatures end up using them. I found a nest this year made from bits of hot pink embroidery thread I had put out, used in a nest and now, used in another nest! Repurposing can last a long time.

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