Never Go to the Food Store When Hungry


Will power crumbles
When the stomach grumbles
Sinful aisles with their siren songs
Chip, cookies, sugars and fats that the weaken longs
One goes with purpose, right choices made on a full tummy
When the stomach rules the brain the full cart shows who’s the dummy
“Never go to the food store when hungry”, mothers’ warn
As hungry minds circle the the confection delights display in a swarm


14 thoughts on “Never Go to the Food Store When Hungry

  1. Yeppers. You have that totally right. I always take a nibble of something before I go in with…a…list. Always research your store too online so you can know ahead of time about what is on special to compare with what you already have so you can plan the menu and the shopping in advance. No, I’m not a tad bit anal, am I?

    1. Thanks for comment, as it turns out we go to the food store rather regularly since many times I’ll have meeting at night and our schedule tends to be fluid. Yet I notice that what thing attract me is based on how hungry I am and having a sweet tooth doesn’t help

      1. Gum!!! chew gum while at the store. Sometimes I have to pick up the occasional item. I try to keep my larder well stocked and flexible. My husband says that engineer means: anal, compulsive, items in alpha order and sorted by date…. I feel for him but at times when we have had to have a quick dinner for dropins, he and they are always impressed and happy. But gum does help with the sweet tooth or a couple of those “bite size” snickers or Hershey miniatures in the pocket help out in all kinds of ways.

    1. Thanks as it turned out I did get something a black and white cookie, the last one why it wasn’t in the display case. I have a thing about black and white since I can’t get them here in NH. Sadly it looked better than it tasted.

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