Weekly Photo Challenge : Grand


A single cell somehow becomes the beginning of all life
On an earth unknowable
No way familiar
Its’ existence changes the world around it


New cells are created
Life merges to more complex forms
In earths’ time
To us being here today

057 (5)

From cells unseen
To our own great works
It is the grandness of life’s creations
Both large and small

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Grand

  1. These nests are always intriguing to look at – nature’s masterpieces, really. Sadly, we had to remove a huge hornet’s nest like the one in your first picture from our porch just a few days ago. Luckily, all the inhabitants had either left or where dead inside, only a few groggy flies used it as a shelter. I read that only the queen survives thru the winter and starts a new colony the following year.
    Looking at all the cells and chambers inside was truly fascinating.

    1. I am so amazed how they can build their hives that is always round and build it up during the season and do it by chewing twigs to make the paper. On the other hand I usually give them wide berth when pruning, but always happy to get a few pictures in.

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