Lessons Learn in Life – Teachers Be Aware !

We go thru life learning as we go along.
Sometimes it takes just once
Other times we seem to never learn
and make the same mistake over and over again


One lesson I learn early on and I pass it on to you teachers of young students out there
Is never assume that when you’re passing around a branch of a pussy willow that one of your students
won’t get it into his or her mind to stick one of the pussy willow flowers into his or her ear.

For sadly, that is what I did and lodged in pretty far and being a shy student didn’t think to tell the teacher about it.
Nor did I think to mention it to my mom when I got home


It wasn’t until a couple of months lately that this waxy, blacked, pus mass had worked it way back out of my ear
My mother horrified at the sight, thinking that my brains was oozing out of my ear, until I finally had to fessed up to what I had done.
Her reaction was one of hopelessness, and that I was just being me.

I have learned my lesson and I try to stay clear of pussy willows, even when I am at work as a landscaper.
No pussy willows in my ear. No I won’t do that again.
My mother on the other hand, you might say she didn’t learn and went on and had 5 more kids
Thankfully, none of them turned out to be like me.


22 thoughts on “Lessons Learn in Life – Teachers Be Aware !

    1. Thanks, I’m glad if I thru my experience kept you from thinking about doing it the next time you happen to see a pussy willow for I know it tempting, i still do it with paper matches, lol Thanks for comment

  1. That is really funny story, and you told it well! I especially like the illustration! My youngest put a pea up her nose, and over the phone the nurse talked me through coaching her to blow it out. I learned later that one of her older siblings had told her to try it. By that time it was too late, and I had already had four, but I learned from my lesson and stopped there. 🙂

    1. Hi, if truth be told, I may not have learned as well as I stated for I still might use a paper match to clean my ears if a Q-tip isn’t availalbe. Thanks for the comments and enjoy your tales as well, Jon

  2. My mother had only one more… maybe because she guessed there could only be one like me… or, maybe because she was afraid the second would also turn into a mistake like me?? ;-0

  3. Hi theantilandscaper. This is something that children have always done and up the nose. Thank you so much for liking ‘That Glance! and No Christmas!’ And for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

  4. As i worked in preschool for while, I know children (out of curiosity) do these kinds of things. One boy climbed up the steps of a sliding board (from underneath) and then, once the top rung was reached, he tried to squeeze through to the other side. Only his head got through and then he got stuck. He was not expecting that! We were able to work him loose after a few minutes. It is the creative children, who want to do things differently or try new things, that grow up to make changes in the world. 😉

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