Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected


There is a story of “unexpected” that goes with this photo of the migrating penguin. We work in this neighborhood that we have to travel down a road for a couple of miles and we do a lot of work there on many of homes, so we there at least once or twice a week.

There is this family who made a whole family of log deer, 3 fawns and their mom and dad and their uncle moose. Well the family moves the animals around every few days creating this scenes like the little fawns walking down the road as mom and dad watch them and this has been going on for over a year now.


A little month ago this penguin showed up, so as we passed them there was the 3 fawns around the penguin with mom, dad and uncle moose close by.
The next time the penguin had left the family and is headed down the road to the neighborhood that is on Great Bay, and each day it is a little farther down the road.

It is now in the neighborhood wandering around and I have asked who has been moving it, yet nobody knows, only that every few days it in a different place.
I even stop up the road to the family with the deer and asked them if the penguin was theirs but no it wasn’t. It just showed up one day and they figure they play with it.

So I’m wondering when it will the penguin make it into Great Bay and begin it’s long journey from NH down to the Ante-Arctic?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

    1. Hi Abby, thank you I appreciate the nomination yet have mixed feeling about them, thou I have come across some interesting blogs like your’s that I would like to share. So if you don’t mind I will wait until my landscaping season passes and I will have more time to participate

      1. No problem my friend. I enjoy your blog. I wanted to make mention of it, and share it with others in my circle. Thanks for the reply and I continue to look forward to your lovely posts 🙂

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