The Value Of Life


Every once in a while I see this poster and it always stirs up emotions and questions about the value of life.
Why is it a crime to harm certain species including ourselves, but a thought is never given to what we do the majority of living things, both flora and fauna.


When you look at the EGO side of this poster do you ever wonder why it is in the order that it is?
Wouldn’t it make more sense if the bottom was the top for all other species depend on the level below to survive, at least on land.
I need a tree to survive, sadly the tree doesn’t need me.
I just wonder, isn’t time to rethink the value of life for all living things, before a large portion is gone
Just a randon thought.

13 thoughts on “The Value Of Life

  1. I absolutely agree! I have a friend who used to be the director of the Best Friends Animal Society (before he retired), named Michael Mountain. He currently writes a newsletter called “Earth in Transition,” that you might find interesting, in regards to the kinds of topics you tend to post. His concerns are more about animals than plants, but not exclusively. I’m not putting in a link, but you could google it or find it on Facebook. Thanks for your lovely photos and thoughts.

  2. “isn’t time to rethink the value of life for all living things”

    It’s been time for some time now. Getting myself to see Myself in All things is more than a little challenging. Were I able to do this, then I would know that I am All creatures, big and small. And knowing this would cause me to arrange Myself just a tad differently in those schematics.

    Peace, Ik

  3. Let’s face it. All of life is dependent on all of life. As humans, however, it always seems natural to put ourselves atop the food chain and list our remaining organic resources in order from there.

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