Egg Shape Puff Ball ?


I was weeding under some shrubs at a clients’ home the other day, when I thought I saw an egg standing on end sitting on top of the soil.

I pulled it out to get a closer look when I realized it wasn’t an egg, unless it was putting down roots and decided to stay there for winter.

I have to assume that it was a puffball mushroom, yet I don’t usually see them look like this.

You may be wondering what I did with this egg or mushroom after taking a few photos?


I replanted it where it was. I wasn’t going to eat it so I figured I wait and see what it did.

Either hatch or as with mushrooms, marvel as it transforms itself in a ball of spores.

If someone out there who knows more about what it is, I’ld be grateful for the information

8 thoughts on “Egg Shape Puff Ball ?

  1. I’m afraid I can’t help you figure out what it is, but I do like your pictures! (The first one reminds me a bit of a frog with a pensive expression on its face.)

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