It’s The Time Zone Funk


Assorted vintage wall clocks  real home L etc 06/2007 pub orig

I come out of unconsciousness when I hear the coffee brewing, it is a start of another day

I go thru the wake-up routine, turn things on, visit the non-mentioned room,and pour myself some coffee

Hit the dial, yet organ music fills the air rather than the classical that should be there, what this?

The coffee brewed, was it set an hour late?


I look at the computer screen and something is wrong it says it’s an hour later than what my brain wants to accept.

How did I end up in a different time zone, yet never left my house?

Coffee inhaled, my mind starts to come out of the fog

Something about Eastern standard time, daylight saving time,

Spring, fall, back, forward, I know it will come to me

I look at the clock over on the wall  it my time, the one I will accept.

The world…

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