Go Figure


I talked to a client yesterday who asked about her landscape and the edge effect transition to a natural area next to her home and I couldn’t give a simple answer and then I realized that

The more I learn, the less I know
And it seems, I knew a lot more, when I knew less
Go figure

7 thoughts on “Go Figure

    1. Hi thanks for your comments and in general I agree, but why I couldn’t give a simple answer was neighbors who live in the same development who’s property backs a forest habitat of around 3 to 5 acres on 3 sides. They heard a talk about edge effect landscaping being beneficial for wildlife and want to cut into the woods to create this edge effect (not to reduce the lawn area) so they may be creating this habitat that they envision with plants of their chosing, but what about species that live in the wooded area that keeps getting smaller. Allowing for more predators (cats and such) to encoach deeper into the forest. Also would a smaller forest decrease the woodland species. So my answer was reduce the lawn, and decide what wildlife you want to keep or replace and suggested that there isn’t a shortage of man-made landscapes but with each new home, business or store that pops up there is less forested habitat.

      1. That makes a big difference in an answer to give. I too would have suggested reducing the lawn area. I ran into this with a client of mine and rather than destroy the woodland, we fronted it with native shrubs then wildflowers. To make the woodland useful to the homeowner, we created paths to interesting places to rest and enjoy.

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