What Knot


For all the wonderful things trees do for us, we should show our appreciation. So the next time you pass a tree pucker up and give it a kiss


Knots for those who may not know it, is the tree’s reaction to wounds either when branches break off or are cut or when there are other wounds to the bark. With each years’ growth to the trunk new bark forms and over the course of years the bark will grow over the wounds. As shown in photo above


branch healing








I don’t know why? But I fascinated with tree barks and knots, so bear with me I’m sure it will pass.


13 thoughts on “What Knot

  1. Suggestive stunners… I’m also fascinated by trees!!
    So unique… special!
    I’ve been known on occasion to say trees are God’s fingerprints…
    Anyway, this post may just have given me an idea for a post of my own… thanks!

  2. P.S. Do you have eucalyptus where you live? The provide the most interesting and colorful bark and knots. I have a degree in Forestry from Texas A&M University, so I’m into all things trees.

    1. Thanks and no we don’t eucalyptus, we’re a zone 5 and are limited in what grows here, even with sweet gum as you mention it is only just beginning to become available at nurseries here in NH,( maybe it has something to do with warmer winters it is very rare we get -20 days anymore) but I do remember them growing up in NY

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