The Artist and the Pink Undies


What can one say
Life with an artist isn’t always that easy
For the artist sees colors in color
Where you only see red
The artist works to the idea of perfection
Where you being practical minded knows that perfection is fleeing
Trips to thrift shop one learns is usually the beginning of adventures
For garments are found, but the colors are not just right
So the bottles of dye are brought out
Mixing this with that, hoping when done the result is what is expected
But practicals know this is not always the case,
For every cause there is an effect
Colors are sometimes not held fast or a bit to strong
So greater measures need to be taken
The result can be seen, the garment is now pleasing but….
Yet it gives pleasure every time one gets dress
Thinking of all the adventures that one has
With life with an artist, it isn’t always easy

I do know the next we meet, you be wondering is he?

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