ASPCP – ‘American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Plants’




The young couple with their two adorable children stand outside the Pet Shop window, they’re watching a big ball of fur; tumble about. One small puppy emerges from the ball of puppies and runs up to the window looking at the family with its tail wagging almost saying ‘are you my new family?’ The Family can’t resist the cuteness of this puppy and decides to take it home. The puppy loves to play and the children are certainly up to the task. Dad can’t help but to endear himself to the cuteness of the puppy, as he is tickled by the licking of his toes. The puppy grows and so do the children, the puppy’s cuteness wanes as it becomes an adult dog and the children find new interests. In many cases the animals find a happy home and become part of the family. But often as with…

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