The Back of Composition Notebook – Liquid Measurement




I’ll start this article by explaining how when I was in school and sometimes when a teacher would be explaining something, I would drift off looking at the Useful Information Tables on the back of my composition notebook wondering about how useful this information was. Sure, you have to know that 4 cups make a quart, 4 quarts make a gallon, but sometimes from there it just gets fuzzy. What is a Gill? Up to Hogshead? and how do they relate to our everyday lives?  Well maybe, I should have paid more attention to the teacher and I might have learned that a Hogshead is a casket for shipping wine and can vary from 60 to 73 gallons, depending on what type of wine.

 Sometimes, that useful information is something we might just store somewhere in the back of our minds and then as it might relate to something…

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