“ It’s not Easy Being Green”


“ It’s not Easy Being Green”

                                                            Kermit the Frog

For a frog it certainly it’s not easy being green, when they are part of a high school biology class experiment, that dissects them so young kids can see the frogs’ insides and to maybe understand their own insides. It isn’t easy when a frog’s habitat is paved over to make a parking lot at a new shopping mall, or a new community is developed, or their habitat is plowed under because of another species need for food, or when habitat is taken to widen highways, to create new roads so people can get from their new homes to work and get to the mall and the food store. And what habitat that is left is being effected by toxins applied to the soil in the form of fertilizers, pesticides and human and animal waste which is making it way…

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