Looking Back and Forth


I was looking back at my old posts and realized that a year ago today I blogged my first post. I originally had done some articles for a state landscape association’s newsletter and never got any reactions from those who read them, except for the one I did on the tri-color willow by someone at a nursery who’s description I had used part of to describe the willow and she took issue with my criticism of descriptions of plants verses reality.

I have to thank a friend of mine who had set up a blog on Word Press and shared it with me http://compostingwords.net/
“Composting Words is a nod to the inner voice that we all have. In this case it is to honor my own voice. My journey healing from Lyme disease is what prompted me to create this blog.”


It made me realize that I could express myself, share my thoughts in a place that might be of interest to someone else.

It has been that and much more for it is the thoughts and passions of others and the desire of each of us to share, that has made this past year a pleasurable experience. To read and see much of a world that I would never get a chance know other than thru you. Thank you all for that.


So I hope you will forgive me for I thought to share some of my earlier posts ( the articles I did for newsletter) for it is the one thing about each of us collecting a body of works is that much of our earlier stuff is deep in the achives and as always, time is a factor as to how deep we look into each others blogs.

I thank you for taking the time for stopping by and viewing what pops up in my mind.

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