Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Focus to bring into sharp detail
Whether camera, eye or mind
And un-focus all that surrounds
For me it’s the view out of the corner of my eye or the details beyond what my eye can see
Yet sometimes one needs the focus of others to get the sense that there is more than what one alone can perceive

I thank you all for each your focuses, that you share. For there is so much on this life that I would miss

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. I just dont know what that is, but I love the texture and organic shapes. It almost looks like it could be coral! But I think it is moss with some kind of mushroom? So cool!

    1. Hi Thanks for comment . The picture is of lichen, I believe a Cumberland Rock Shield and I very much enjoy lichens and the fact that two and sometimes three species become so interdependent for their joined survival and how beautiful they are

      1. I am sorry I missed your response! Interdependence, like fellowship. Like love. Isn’t it a blessing how God reveals His nature in even the smallest of His creations?

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