Colors and Patterns of Imagination – In the Insect World -Spiders


The colors and patterns of the imagination drawn from the stream of light taken from its’ source
That is absorbed, reflected off the matter and the space between the mass that surrounds us
Sources of light that fill the sky, a universe suspended in time to that moment that one takes in the light
We reach out to where only our imaginations can take us, far beyond our understanding
We stand on one plane with all that is familiar to us
Yet it is layer upon layer, plane upon plane
Universes without end
Atoms bouncing off of atoms to what our senses take in
It doesn’t always need a name, it doesn’t always need to be understood
Not to pass judgement, not to dismiss
One just needs to look in, one just needs to look out
It’s there, once we focus – to see, to hear, to touch all the colors and patterns that make up our lifes

This tiny spider above, I was so fascinated by it colors and its’ pattern which brought to this idea and this post.
So time to time when the feelings move me. From colors, from patterns I may try again


You can click on the picture to get a closer look.





11 thoughts on “Colors and Patterns of Imagination – In the Insect World -Spiders

    1. Hi Judy, I be surprised if they weren’t in your gardens. I took all those pictures in mine in Rochester. So it might be up to you whether you really want to look, for me it’s a pleasure to see all that I do in my tiny yard.

  1. Beautifully colored spiders
    with intricate webs
    that stick to those who don’t look
    before they wander!
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And yes. I did walk face first into a spider and a web that looked exactly like your second photo. EEEEK! I think it is a garden spider? The whole time that I was pulling web off of my face, I was wondering where the spider went. Shudder…..

    1. Thanks I have sort of gotten over any fear I have of spiders, being that my work down on the ground brings me close to their habitat and if anything I feel bad disturbing them as I weed out gardens.

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