8 thoughts on “A Blueberry Tree

  1. Question for you. We have two high bush blueberries that were here when we moved in but that are now in almost total shade and produce fewer berries every year. Do they stop producing after so long or do we just need more sun, pruning and fertilizer?

    1. Judy, usually blueberries in the shade produce less berries, but will grow as a plants. I do know that they like rich, moist soils with at least half day sun for good fruit set. I would use compost to build up the soil rather than fertilizer and they like acid soil so you might mulch with saw dust or shaving.
      I had 3 native blueberries where I used to live and I was lucky to get enough berries for pancakes ( what the birds didn’t eat). Thou one winter I had a tree come down on one of the bushes and I wasn’t even sure if it would survive, but 3 years later it was producing more than the other two together. So I come to opinion to prune the older wood out does help. Thanks for all your likes and comments, sorry I don’t always write back, but this has been a crazy year for landscaping in NH.

  2. Did they play bonsai with it? our wild blue berries which are quite shaded by bigger trees, grow all twisty curvy graceful spread out with much thinner foliage, so sun can ripen LOTS of small berries. But if I pinched back new growth over and over the effect would be as in the picture, also sans fruit. Is that what they did?—Bear

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