Weedkiller as a pathway to human disease

Science on the Land

The world’s best-selling weedkiller is called Roundup. It’s supposed to be harmless to people but now there’s evidence that it can induce several human diseases.

Roundup (aka glyphosate) is in the news because some of the most popular genetically modified (GM, aka genetically engineered, GE) crops are Roundup Ready. That means they don’t die when sprayed with glyphosate, while weeds die. Here’s some peer reviewed science about how Roundup Ready crops work.

This herbicide, and Roundup Ready crops, are made and sold by Monsanto. Here’s a list of the crops Monsanto invests in. Several of those crops are Roundup Ready. You might choose to follow my ‘glyphosate’ and ‘genetic modification’ tags for more about Monsanto and Roundup.

You might choose also to see some more peer reviewed science. Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff tell us how glyphosate may be a ‘pathway to modern diseases’. These authors…

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3 thoughts on “Weedkiller as a pathway to human disease

  1. Roundup is a great product to kill weeds. Unfortunately, it kills everything else in its path and probably us humans as well. With people in my family with compromised immune systems, I’ve stopped using weed killers all together and have come to accept weeds as part of life and try to not obsess over them.

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