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lyme quotePeople with Chronic Lyme don’t want people they love – or anyone else –  to get Lyme and that is why I’m writing this post.  I would like you to know all the things I didn’t know, to protect you from this horrible and preventable disease.

I have been a reluctant member of the Lyme community for the past 13 months and have learned far more about this disease than I ever thought I would know.  Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection caused by the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria and is usually transmitted by the bite of an infected tick. When caught early it is highly treatable, if it isn’t people can become severely ill and it can even result in death in the most serious cases.

Like Lyme Disease itself, the topic of prevention is far more complex than you might imagine. Lyme Disease is one of the most misunderstood…

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