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Minding Nature has published a new issue.Minding Nature is the journal for the Center for Humans and Nature. Some interesting papers, see below:


By: Bruce Jennings

Our entire economic system is fundamentally dependent upon the functional integrity of natural and living systems that are losing patience with us. That is to say, these systems have a limited capac­ity to tolerate human extraction from them and excretion of waste products and by products into them, and human economic activity worldwide is colliding with those limits.

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By: Julianne Lutz Warren

October 29, 2012: This is the 83rd anniver­sary of Black Tuesday, the day that the stock market crashed in 1929, ushering in the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl years. As I awaited Hurricane Sandy, I walked Tess, my terrier, along…

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  1. Does it ever leave you feeling just chilled to see how few people seem to grasp the situation we’re facing…and to know that those of us who DO see are more or less powerless to force the needed change(s). The solutions would not be hard but since they are not inherently profit based systems/solutions, I don’t see any of them taking place on a serious enough level to turn things before we set ourselves up for complete meltdown…if we haven’t already.

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