Morning Light

004 (2)

The darkness of the night covers the land
Until at the edge of the sky, a dim paleness against the blackness of the night
Colors start to rise out of the eastern sky
With the colors and hues that stand out against a still darken earth
Looking like a fire that is spreading from out of sight
The colors rise with each passing moment
As it ascends, it brings down colors to awaken the earth
With hues of gold and reds that makes nature and life more beautiful than can be imagined
For a few moments the world can be more than what it really is
For a moment of beauty that can warm the heart and sustain it
The sun comes up over the trees and brings with a new day
Where one can only hope that the day can be as beautiful as the first light of morning


6 thoughts on “Morning Light

  1. I thought your poem was magical and the pictures are wonderful (I particularly love the picture of the woodland path, most evocative). I will be reading more, well done! Kind regards, Baldy 🙂

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