Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I Wonder

Is what I see, really what is there?
When someone tells me this how the world goes, is that the way it really is?
For all the things that I don’t see; do they really exist?

It is a sense of wonder for I don’t know that much, maybe at times I don’t know anything and at those moments when I feel I know what Wonder is.

It’s not being able to put words to it, it is just to know that there is so much more that anyone can see or feel, that it would have to be all the living things that share this earth, this universe at any particular moment to feel that we are all part of what might be God

All the seconds, minutes, hours, years, to an endless time, it is all that has happened, all that is now and all that will become, here and there and beyond,from the smallest thing to a star, a universe and that it can’t even be imagined; to maybe wonder what is God.

It is to that sense, that I’ll never at any moment can I have an answer to question and to think I know for that is the wonder that fills me.
Let it not be said that I don’t have opinions but sometimes, maybe most of the time they are so loose, for goes beyond what the question is, to all those flashes that pop off in my mind.

Children in dumps, someone wanting to kill someone else, creatures living beneath my feet, or even on me, it’s hard to have that answer when there is so much more to a question than what is asked.

So the thought for Sometimes I Wonder which has been major part of my life, floating there within me, outside of me, needs to be expressed through my fingers on to paper, to be added too, all of these wandering thoughts expressed only to myself, but to be out there, and to deal with the world of words to express what one feels, for that has been a struggle for all of my life

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